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Sharem Jay can't live without...

His Roland Juno-60

"One of my favourite tools from my studio setup is the analogue synth Roland Juno-60 from 1982. The sounds of the new single 'Message to Love' from my album '4 Da Loverz' came mainly from the Juno 60. It finds a use in most of my productions in all sorts of sounds. Even the Jupiter 6 and 8 synth, which are included in my setup, don't have the charm and the pressure like the Juno 60. Although it doesn't contain many parameters, the Juno 60 provides an enormous diversity of sounds. It really has a distinctive tone to it. The waveforms almost get banged out of the oscillators. From clear, powerful basses to soft pads (string sounds) and crazy modulation filter-sounds, this synth offers a lot of what I need for my productions. Each of those three oscillators has got a unique fat sound of its own."