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Sexy Scumfrog

Christ, look at the tits on that! Hang on, that bird's a geezer. Or rather, it's The Scumfrog...

Some DJs take themselves far too seriously (namely prog and techno DJs), so it's good to see one jock taking the piss.

US house spinner The Scumfrog clearly thinks dance music is far too far up its own arse, because he posed as a scary tranny complete with muscles and his ball sac showing, for the cover of his new mix CD 'Mega Scum'.

"Yes, those are my balls on the cover of the CD," said Jesse Houk. He isn't joking (look closely).

"We decided it kind of defies the purpose of a spoof when you start to PhotoShop it, so we left the balls in and tried to make it all make sense by adding the catchphrase to the CD 'Music With Balls'."

DJs Are Alive

The Scumfrog has been on something of a roll of late, having launched the anti-digital DJ group DJs Are Alive last year, to much acclaim.

He set up the collective as a response to the growing number of laptop DJs which he says is "totally boring."

Now he's set to get tongues wagging over his, rather 'controversial' promotional pics.

We here at like any DJ that pushed the boundaries a bit, even if he is wearing a wig and bra.

Mr. Scumfrog, we salute ya!

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