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Fashion and dance music collide thanks to Electronic Poet

We heart collaborations, we love to see unity and equality taking place. It's a simple message and one to strive for.

Menswear brand, Electronic Poet claims to be a 'blend of art and science with music and fashion'. The brainchild of two like-minded friends, fashion fiend Asim Khan and club promoter Steve Banks. EP isn't just about designing cool threads, which they do very well, throwing their inspirations onto prints based on glitter balls and Moog keyboards; EP celebrate as often as possible by placing cool parties at the forefront of their itinery. Their recent endeavour involves 2020Vision and Secret Sundaze, both of which touch the aspirations of Electronic Poet. Parties will be held in both Leeds and London with pieces from their collection will be flaunted.

Check out their quilted sweats, hand-stitched in Italy, and some rather tasty tees also made with lots of tender loving care.