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Sankeys Soap To Close

Sankeys Soap To Close

One of Britain's most important clubs will close in June. It will reopen under a new name, and new ownership.

One of Britain's best-loved dance music clubs – Sankeys Soap – is closing, sort of.

Sacha Marchionne, co-owner of the Manchester-based venue, has decided to sell up, but his business partner Dave Vincent has bought him out, and will continue to run the club under the shortened name 'Sankeys'.

Sankeys Soap
But will reopen on July 10 as 'Sankeys'
Not much of a change there then, but Vincent, a true spin-doctor, is using the ownership reshuffle of Sankeys Soap as a chance to re-launch the venue.

"My business partner Sacha always said he'd only stay at the club for five years," says Vincent.

"So I've bought him out, just me this time, with no partners.

"It will re-open as 'Sankeys' on 7 July but it's going to be totally re-invented."

Tribal Sessions

The club's flagship Tribal Sessions club night will continue says Mr. Vincent, but Saturdays will have a new format, and the club will have a couple of new nights.

"We're going to be taking it more underground," says Dave.

"We're building an outdoor area for the forthcoming smoking ban, and probably a cinema."

Vincent revealed that following a successful one-off party in Bournemouth in March 2006, he plans to make Tribal Sessions a regular party at the town's Opera House venue.

Rather conflictingly, Vincent says "I think we've taken it [Sankeys Soap] as far is it can go, but it's been busier than ever."

Sankeys Soap was recently voted one of the best clubs in the world in DJmag's Top 50 Clubs poll, where it reached no.38 in the list.