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Romanian producers win prestigious prize

Romanian producers win prestigious prize

The victors of the momentous <a href=>Heineken Thirst Studio Global Sessions</a> 2006 have been announced.

Romania's killer production trio, Livio and Roby featuring George G, a.k.a. Monochrome, won both awards at the prestigious contest for their minimal techno thumper 'Pearl', beating six other finalists in the process from countries as diverse as Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia and Denmark.

The last bank holiday weekend in May brought the epic event to Las Vegas, Nevada in the US. The infamous gambling capital of the globe hosted the final of the competition, in which talented dance music producers from a number of countries went head to head to test their mettle and determine who would be the most promising new producer on Earth. Only one outfit could win, and the latest edition of the competition - which has been running for four years - saw entries from countries as far flung as Croatia and Singapore. With the judges comprising dance music legend Paul Oakenfold and American progressive house heroes Gabriel & Dresden, expectations were high.

In the Tao Nightclub, a lavish, typically Vegas spot with an Oriental theme, the crowd were gathered together for the announcement of the winning track. Tensions were high for the announcement of the two awards. The first, the People's Choice award, was voted for by the public online at the Heineken Thirst Studio Global Sessions website. Denmark's DJ Ronin, who scooped the judge's prize last year at the Thirst Studio do in Cape Town, South Africa, announced the People's Choice winners to rapturous applause and overjoyed expressions from the Romanian trio Livio, Roby and George G. This joy turned to elation as special guest Paul Oakenfold took to the stage to announce that Livio, Roby and George G were also the overall winners.

Quickly, the trio were bundled off to the world famous Palm Studios in Palms Casino, where a fevered late-night session took place to remix the track alongside Gabriel & Dresden. The US house heads performed a subtle tightening up of the track, transforming it from a main room smasher into a machine-tooled dancefloor leviathan. Returning to the club later with the massive tune in hand, it was dropped to a rapturous response.

Ecstatic with the results, Gabriel & Dresden have signed 'Pearl' to their label, Organised Nature, which will ensure that this tough dancefloor beast gets maximum exposure. As well as this fantastic prize, Livio, Roby and George G will receive a pair of state-of-the-art Pioneer DVJ 100s. For more news on the Heineken Thirst Studio event and an interview with Livio and Roby, stay tuned to the DJMag site.