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Faceless DJ checks the past...

First record you ever bought?
“Ha! It was Artemesia 'Bits and Pieces [Hooj Choons]'. Being in the northwest UK, it was all about 'the bounce'.”

First two tunes you tried to mix?
'Along with my first record 'Bits and Pieces', I've no idea what the other track I tried to mix was, but I guarantee they will have sounded awful together!”

First-ever gig?
“Not sure it counts as a gig, but the first time I played to 'a crowd' was actually at school! I can't remember how or why but somehow we'd managed to persuade them to allow me to set my decks and speakers up in the hall and play for my year group. I've a feeling it may have been a school leavers' party or something.”

Fondest club experience?
“So far it will be playing in the Terrace in Amnesia, Ibiza. I think that's what you might call, 'awe inspiring'.”

Worst club experience?
“Not gonna name the club. But, I'd been eager to play and had not long got on the decks. It was a good crowd. That was before I could see a whole load of 'hi-viz' jackets and torches coming in at the back. We were raided and shut down by the police. Noooooooooooooo!”

Most significant club of all-time?
“For me, it's gotta be Cream (Nation, Liverpool). It was those days of 1998-2000 which really cemented my path. It was also when I had my first bit of music out. Planet Heaven 'Nautical Bodies (NAB's Remix)'.”

Any era, anywhere?
“Planet Earth, far into the future! I already feel like we live 'in the future' given how things were only 25 years ago. I'm fascinated by what advances technology will bring.”