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Retro/Grade Announces New EP 'Mindfighter'

Retro/Grade Announces New EP 'Mindfighter'

Retro/Grade duo Tom Neville and Serge Santiago announce ‘Mindfighter’ EP.

Now that Retro/Grade have regrouped, they have announced the release of ‘Mindfighter’ the first of the three EPs to be released this year from their debut album, 'Motion'.

Inspired by Kraftwerk’s Robots, ‘Mindfighter’ drives electronic music to ward the fu ture, breaking free from rigid teutonic programming and storming the discotheque.

The track embodies a pulsing drumbeat, bubbling synths and increasingly urgent strings. With agitated vocals encouraging the dance floor to loose control.

"Don't know where to start, dancing in the dark, system breaks apart, I can't take it."

The EP also includes two other explosive tracks 'Escape Sequence', a six minute Italo-disco bomb, and 'Vector', a disorientating combination of Moroder-esque disco, eastern drones and cinematic atmospherics. The EP will be available on Beatport and iTunes with special extended club remixes of 'Mindfighter', 'Vector' and Boy 8-Bit’s remix, and with a special time tripping video directed by Weirdcore, who is also responsible for the band’s epic live visuals.

Watch the teaser trailer for ‘Mindfighter’ here.