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Fresh Rekids & Mobilee producer answers our questions

When did you first get into the clubbing scene?

“My first time was in London in the '90s, I was studying English in Brighton for a month or so. I went to a drum & bass party which was great; I had so much fun that I start producing music when I came back to Spain.”

How do you find the dance music scene in Spain?

“I find the dance music scene in Spain has a really good fit nowadays. Of course, this is depending about the style we are talking about, but there are so many good producers coming out of Spain every year, it just keeps growing. In terms of clubs, the financial crunch has been really hard for Spain, many clubs have had to close or change their music policy to try and bring people in, but even through these tough times, the good thing is that every day there’s more and more electronic music lovers in this country.”

Technology and the internet have helped the dance music scene?

“I guess that’s true — the best thing about the internet is you are making music for people all around the world. For me, this is really special, to think that your music could be listened to at the same time in different parts of the world, and meanwhile you are playing somewhere completely different. Technology has made this possible.”

What inspires you to do what you do?

“I spent all last summer in Ibiza. It was such a great inspiration for me there, I was living with Los Suruba and Edu Imbernon, it was like a production summer camp. I really get inspired by almost everything, but I think I get my greatest inspiration from my travels. This is where I get my best ideas. I love travelling by train.”

You’ve had a fantastic couple of years...

“Yes, for sure, 2012 was really good for me. I was doing a lot of great things. I released my first album in March, and had other important releases on labels like Skint. 2013 is shaping up to be a great year as well. I have two EPs for Noir Music, called 'Lights & Shadows Parts 1 & 2' coming out. I also have a release for my own label Sincopat.

We grew so much last year, and I am proud of the team that we have formed. I am also releasing another EP for Material Records, which will be released around mid-February. And then I still have to finish all my latest collabs with Los Suruba, Ramiro Lopez, Samuel Dan and a few other tracks on my own, as well as an album along with my good friend Darlyn Vlys. So it’s a busy, busy time!”

What's next for you?

“Next for me is to set up again in Valencia, that’s my home town, and have my house all in order there! DJing-wise, I will be playing around Spain and Europe, my usual circuit, then I will be touring South America, which I am looking forward to. And then see what the summer will bring!”