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Premiere: Yoshinori Hayashi ‘9828’

Noir disco, smog funk and haunted deep house abound on Yoshinori Hayashi’s ‘Harleys Dub’ EP on Jheri Tracks. ‘9828’ is a cold no wave jam for eerie strolls.

Yoshinori Hayashi DJ Mag
Yoshinori Hayashi DJ Mag

On his new EP on Dublin label Jheri Tracks, Japanese producer Yoshinori Hayashi delves deeper into uneasy, darkly cinematic territory.

Following releases on Going Good and an incredible release already this year on the mighty Disco Halal, Hayashi is gradually emerging from the obscurity he's operated in for years and is carving a niche for himself as an uncompromising producer with a knack for intricate, spectral detail and an ability to conjure vivid imagery with sound.

Consistently, his use of organic samples, cavernous percussion, distant keys and spontaneous psychedelic stabs place the listener in some kind of dark cityscape, in a smoke filled streets emblazoned with damp, multi-coloured light. Few producers can boast that same level of visual detail in their work and, certainly, as a DJ, Hayashi manages to executre a similar trick, creating atmospheres that are at once playful and spooky, loose and pointed.

‘Harleys Dub’ is a three track EP that serves as the ideal introduction to Hayashi with its Noir disco, smog funk and haunted deep house flavours carrying through its 25 minutes. On ‘9828’ – premiering below – we’re granted a cold no wave jam perfect for eerie strolls and introspective moods, its ominous sentiment lingering like a weird dream.

‘Harleys Dub’ is out Monday 28th May on Jheri Tracks. Pre-order it on 12” and digitally here