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Premiere: Will Long ‘We Tend To Forget’

Tokyo-based, American producer Will Long reveals the second track from his new 'Long Trax 2' release: A deep, understated house gem with ambient overtones...


Tokyo-based musician Will Long will release the second volume of his ‘Long Trax’ trilogy this month.

Pursuing the thematic ideas that defined volume one, ‘Long Trax 2’ tackles notions of “cultural stasis” and the delusional optimism that clogs our media, distracting from an often bleak reality. Long presents these ideas using minimal, deep grooves, understated and beautiful synth backdrops and resonant spoken samples, taking the listener to a thoughtful, lucid place.

In ‘We Tend To Forget’ – premiering below – we find this technique executed tastefully and with mesmerising poise. Over its near 11 minute course, the track creates an introspective mood with its steady percussion, reserved keys and mantra-like spoken refrain. You can sense Long’s ambient alter-ego Celer in the meditative, patient atmosphere of the cut but there is a quiet determination in this track’s backbone and in the muffled words, “we tend to forget/we haven’t done anything/we haven’t done a thing”.

‘Long Trax 2’ will be released via Oslo/Brooklyn label Smalltown Supersound, home to artists whose productions range from percussive experimentalism and techno (Bjørn Torske, Kelly Lee Owens) to deep ambience from the likes of Biosphere and Deathprod. It follows 2016’s ‘Long Trax’  which was released via Terre Thaemlitz AKA DJ Sprinkles’ label Comatonse Recordings.

The six-track collection will be released as 3 separate 12” singles as well as digitally and on CD 16th March. It features original artwork by Tsuji Aiko.