The prolific dubstep duo return with some of their best yet...

The international dubsteppers have already had a pretty heavy release schedule this year; producing two EPs, an album, as well as many free downloads and compilation releases, all with some of the highest production values in the scene is no mean feat in under 12 months - particularly when you have a touring schedule as busy as these guys. It seems they've mastered the art of literally being everywhere at once! 

Naturally, they’re back already, with what is in our opinion the highest quality productions they’ve put out as of yet - and we’ve managed to bag the cream of the crop! ‘Undeniable’ is a textbook creeper, alluring pads and delayed vocal cuts support twisted basslines and a signature haunting Truth melody. The real cherry on top though is a killer vocal addition from LA emcee Ill Chill, who rides the Gantz-esque rhythms with inhuman ease. We can’t think of many recent dubstep vocal performances bar Flowdan’s recent material that stand up to this. (At the time of writing, this wasn't out!)

Listen to the track and read our full interview with the guys below:

You've released on many different labels, even just through your releases in this year alone - what made you decide to put this out on your own label?
We've made a conscious decision not to release all of our music on one label over the years. In our opinion, only rarely does an exclusive agreement work out in the favour of the artist (not to say it can't happen, but it's rare). Putting this release out on our own label gives us full control of the process. It is also a challenge and an experiment which we have been keen to take on for a while. At the end of the day, we thought this was the perfect time for us to start fresh with a label, take on an ethos, an aesthetic, and run with it.

Our plan with the label is to release a lot of our own music (while still doing stuff with other labels) and also to put out music from other producers we are feeling. Stuff which fits in with the direction the label will take,and also hopefully some groundbreaking music which steers us in new directions. We're planning to put out music from producers we have been following for a while as well as hoping to discover some amazing new (to us) talent which is out there.

We understand that the label also hosts nights in San Francisco as well - any plans to ever take the night to other destinations?
Actually the label has grown out of the night and movement generally, and not the other way around. We feel a lot of people who are into bass music really identify with the Deep, Dark & Dangerous mantra, it's the sound which a lot of people enjoy and want to hear more of. 

We've been running the DDD night in San Francisco for a couple of years now (at Monarch, on a Tuesday night), and have had some amazing guests through (eg Youngsta, J:Kenzo, Vivek, Goth Trad, Commodo, Kahn, Leon Switch, Asylum, DJ Madd) and also hosted a few DDD nights in Denver, Colorado. Coincidentally, the next Deep, Dark & Dangerous event in San Francisco is next Tuesday, and is the official release party for this EP! 

What we really like about this night is that we have kept it in a small (but nice), basement venue with big sound. Because it's a Tuesday, the people who come really want to be there, it's an intimate and exclusive feel, but it also goes off every time! It really is the perfect environment for the type of music being played.

We're currently scouting out some new options, we plan to keep the night in SF going strong. We'd love to do something in our home town of Christchurch, New Zealand, L.A., London, and a bunch of other places. We just want to retain the same vibe and feeling from the original night. 

One of the reasons your release schedule is so prolific is because you produce on the road a lot, do you think this helps with inspiration/creativity?
Of course we are going to say yes! Your surroundings are always inspiring, you can't always re-create the vibe you get from a particular city, or experience in the studio. We tend to start music on the road, come up with rough ideas and skeches, then finish those when we get home. Having said that, there is nothing better than getting home from the road and just getting in the studio and becoming lost in the music over an extended period.

The past 3 weeks we've both had time between gigs and have been just brainstorming idea after idea, bouncing fresh tracks back and forth, it's been very inspiring. These times are few and far between, so we have to make the most of them, we get a lot of ideas started and then finish them off over time.

So in answer to your question, travel is inspiring, but so is working on music in the studio!

With so many gigs and such a prolific release schedule you obviously have an unfaltering love for 140, do you listen to much music outside of bass and 140?
We listen to all kinds of music actually! It's important to keep fresh, of course we listen to a lot of bass-oriented stuff, however if we listened to just bass-music, our music would start to become too self-referential.

While the majority of what we make is around the 140bpm mark, (this is what we are known for), we also make quite a lot of stuff at other tempos: 100,125, 160, 170/85. A bpm shouldn't be the defining factor of a musical genre, which it really has become in the electronic music sphere. Our goal is to make stuff which we think of as “Deep, Dark & Dangerous” music, before any genre which it may be pigeonholed into.

Top thee DJs?
Alix Perez

Coming to the end of and incredibly busy year now, are there any tracks you’ve released over the past 12 moths that you’re particularly proud of?
We're stoked with all of the releases this year. We've released on our favourite labels, Tempa, Deep Medi, Firepower, Artikal. We haven't released anything which we looked back and regretted. For us, the “Hollow World” album as a whole has been a real standout. It encapsulated the “Truth sound” best of any of our releases to date in our opinion. On this new EP, we're feeling all of the tracks, each for their own reasons, hence kicking off the new label with this lineup of music.

Any standout moments?
There have been so many great moments over the past 12 months. There are a few definite highlights. Both of us at SXSW (South By Southwest) in Austin, Texas was a memorable experience from start to finish (although not all of it we can remember). Shambhala Festival in BC, Canada is a special one for us. We love those guys, and were invited back to play this time which apparently never happens as an overseas artist at that festival! Probably the highlight was Outlook Festival, playing on the boat parties and at the Moat stage... the whole EU tour was great, but that has to be the highlight! There were some special, and crazy moments throughout.

The EP is out Friday, pre-order here.