Superstars join forces on super collab, ‘SuperHero’

What do you get when you add Metalheadz don and original drum and bass badass with mainstay producer and DJ, Steven Lee, responsible for co-producing house music’s legendary chart-topper ‘Shake It’, and then add the distinctive rasp of soul songstress Macy Gray? We’re not great at math but this is one equation worth solving. 

Hailing from separate spots across the globe, the three artists unite in the studio to mix up club kryptonite, their debut double single, ‘SuperHero’.  Once a Boy Wonder behind the mask of Lee Cabrera, Steven Lee is all grown up and  unleashing records with some jaw dropping carefully curated talents for his solo album titled, #TeamWork. First to drop for Lee is, ‘SuperHero’ paying tribute to the days of vinyl with an A Side and B Side, if you will, with Lee himself on one and Goldie on the flipside. Steven Lee's mix is the perfect contagion of what every pop dance record should sound like with its Rudimental vibe and danceable beats that are accessible without the cheesiness all to often found in modern EDM. Meanwhile Goldie does what he’s famous for, laying it thick and wet with power and melody but on steroids. 

“Steven called me directly,” Goldie tells DJ Mag. “ I was really honored. Macy’s got a great soulful voice so it was right and I was able to work with Ulterior Motive on my mix and do my own thing, keeping it underground.” Macy Gray adds, “I’ve actually done a few records with some super famous great DJs but none of the songs made their albums, so this is me sticking to my guns and finally getting one out. It's cool because I love this song the most.

“He's divine,” Gray gushes when asked about working with Lee. “He loves what he does and its infectious and it brings out the best in everybody in the room.” She’s not the only one who had a pleasing experience creating ‘Superhero’. “Goldie is hands down a superstar in the way where I don’t think the guy sleeps,” exclaims Steven Lee. “But the key to Goldie is regardless of how many other projects he is working on at the same time, your project is the most special and he shares that passion with you. Macy is this perfect talent that you wonder if she ‘really; knows how truly special she is. She’s shy, but when the music is on, she just goes somewhere and comes back with a hit record. These are not taught things, these are God-given things.” 

In 2007, Lee graced DJ Mag’s cover with the tagline: Lee Cabrera: The House Specialist. When plugged on if whether this title is applicable today, he replies, ”It’s probably more true now then it ever was back then. I was a baby with a hit record and thought I was a badass.” Throw him, Goldie and Macy Gray in a telephone booth and what comes is something with power, a caped crusader ready to save dancefloors from boilerplate music. And it really is, pretty badass. 

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