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Premiere: Phuture 'We Are Phuture (Ricardo Villalobos Phuture I Remix)'

Premiere: Phuture 'We Are Phuture (Ricardo Villalobos Phuture I Remix)'

The classic acid cut from Chicago pioneers Phuture gets a minimal makeover courtesy of Ricardo Villalobos...

Phuture's visionary 1988 track 'We Are Phuture' is being given the full remix treatment in a new EP released today through Santé's AVOTRE label.

With choice re-works coming from Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Faraone and Santé himself, 'We Are Phuture (Remixes Part I)' finds the classic acid cut by the influential trio of DJ Spank Spank, DJ Pierre and Herb J being paid its well-due respects 30 years on from its release.

Villalobos' remix – premiered below – brings a typically minimal, hypnotic flavour to the track, taking you on a gradual trip into the deeper, bassy undertones of the original, its unmistakable acid flavours and vocal samples introducing themselves in the latter half.

The remix EP comes not only as a worthy nod to the pioneering trio but also feels like a deserving ode to Spank Spank – real name Earl Smith Jr. – who passed away in 2016 age 51 following a stroke.

In 2014, DJ Mag sat down with Nathaniel Pierre Jones AKA DJ Pierre to talk about Phuture's Chicago origins and how the trio became responsible for the game-changing sound of acid house. You can read that interview here.

Phuture remain one of the most significant electronic production outfits to have ever come out of the U.S. club scene and 'We Are Phuture' is still widely praised today by the likes of legendary UK DJ Danny Rampling.

'We Are Phuture (Remixes Part I)' is out on 3rd March. You can pre-order it here.