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Premiere: Phare ‘Most Honourable Con’

Emerging Irish producer Phare readies his next EP, ‘Lines Of Flight’ for 045 Recordings. ‘Most Honourable Con’ is a cut of melodic dancefloor toughness that is as reflective as it is assertive…

Phare premiere DJ magazine.
Phare premiere DJ magazine.

Phare makes dance music with just the right level of emotion. In both his live sets and productions the Dublin-based artist veers confidently away from the cloying synths, strings and melodies so often deployed to give electronic music a sense of “melancholy”. Instead, he utilises a tasteful palette to craft a sound that allows the listener to dictate their own response, a sound that can make a dancefloor move as much as it can make it reflect.

It’s something that was achieved last year on his ‘Higher’ EP and something that he pushes further still on his newly announced ‘Lines Of Flight’ EP, set for release in August on 045 Recordings.

The four-track release is described as being “deeper and more stylistically refined” and nowhere is that more apparent than on opening track  ‘Most Honourable Con’, which you can hear below. A cut of melodic dancefloor toughness that is as reflective as it is assertive, the track is indicative of an artist who matures with each release.

Support for Phare’s work has been coming from respected DJs including Matt Karmil and Man Power.

Pre-order ‘Lines of Flight’ here.