Out 16th March via Trunkfunk Records

‘Love Lesson’ is the new single from NIBC’s tireless Trunkfunk imprint. Celebrating 15 years in the record biz in 2015, 'Love Lesson' is backed up by a slew of impressive revisions, from the likes of Ian Pooley, Hans Berg and much-loved German duo, Tuff City Kids.

The Tuff City Kids rework is particularly impressive; it’s all warm bristling grooves and housey, hands-in-the-air highs. DJ Mag has nabbed an exclusive stream of the TCK edit, prior to the EP’s full release on 16th March via Trunkfunk. 

Read our chat with NIBC below and stream the Tuff City Kids remix of 'Love Lesson' in full. Pre-order 'Love Lesson' on wax here

Hey NIBC! Tell us, what does this record mean to you?

“I’ve lived with my original version of Love Lesson for a long time now, almost three years. Sometimes I can make a track in a day, but sometimes it takes forever to finish. I think I’ve got at least 50 different versions of this track in my studio. But after the last months of road tests during my gigs I am finally happy with how it sounds. It all came together with the remix package.”

What about the imprint? What’s the ethos?

“We’re celebrating our 15-year anniversary this year and I’m very happy and proud of what we’ve accomplished. It actually feels more exciting now than ever. We have so many great new releases in the pipeline for 2015. Looking back, we have travelled down a lot of different roads, and that is one of the reasons it still feels fun and inspiring to work with the label. An important aspect is also the visual side. We have always worked with very talented designers who get total freedom with the artwork for every release. I think that’s what completes the creative balance for our label.”

What do you love about the Tuff City Kids (also known separately as Gerd Janson and Lauer) rework?

“The TCK remix gives me flashbacks to when I started going to raves in the early 90s. It reminds me of a time when I was hanging out at the local record store discovering new music during the weeks, and going to warehouse parties on the weekends. I love how the stripped down elements from the original drive the evolving hypnotic rhythm through the entire remix. An extra bonus is that they used the background sounds of seagulls and ocean waves in the intro that I recorded on the Swedish west coast. You don’t really notice this as much in the original version.”

What’s the plan for 2015?

“It’s going to be a busy year with gigs, label nights, new releases and other stuff to look forward to. I’m also spending a lot of time in the studio in Berlin finishing new material. I have a couple of new collaborations that I’m really excited about too. A slow tropical burner together with Andreas Saag that I think will be a great summer jam. We will also release an anniversary compilation at the end of the year and new trax this spring from Ishivu, Matt Karmil, Shakarchi & Stranéus, Vinny Villbass, De Fantastiske To, Trulz & Robin to name a few.”