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Premiere: Lighght & Cnámha ‘Fortified Or Living Beyond The Body’

Illusive experimental electronic duo release their debut collaborative EP ‘Augmentations’ this week. The opening track is a trance inducing flurry of sound and energy...

 Lighght & Cnamha - Augmentations EP DJ Mag Premiere
Lighght & Cnamha - Augmentations EP DJ Mag Premiere

Lighght and Cnámha have never met in person. The experimental electronic duo have producing individually for several years, with each having their own Soundcloud treasure troves of tracks, mixes and stunning bootleg edits veering from noise, footwork and trap to M.E.S.H.-esque sound-design.

The Irish duo’s debut EP ‘Augmentations’ was made as each producer sharing ideas back and forth online over the course of several months. Set for release this Friday 19th May, the EP will drop on Sydney, Australia digital label Sidechains.

It’s interesting then, given the technological capacity to make an EP together despite living at separate sides of the country, that the release confronts augmentation  and transhumanism, and how we experience and are sold technologies designed for self-improvement.

Describing the EP’s sizzling, trance leaning opening track ‘Fortified  Or Living Beyond The Body’, Lighght says it “considers which companies  will be behind these products. Will it be existing companies like Toyota  or Apple, or newcomers helmed by Messianic Silicon Valley leaders like Elon  Musk? Metallic synthetic arpeggiators conjure images of a hyper-capitalist future.  The track mimics the advertisements of these companies with soaring melodies, parodying  the ‘transcendent’ orchestral ballad. A slow camera panning across the mech-arm or eye implant  that you simply must buy fades into a ‘mission statement’ about the betterment of humanity.”

Food for noisy thoughts. You can pre-order the EP here. Listen to the track below.