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Premiere: Honey Dijon ‘Stars feat. Sam Sparro (Cratebug Nova ReMix)’

Premiere: Honey Dijon ‘Stars feat. Sam Sparro (Cratebug Nova ReMix)’

Honey Dijon’s masterful rework of Sylvester’s ‘Stars’ gets a deep reload of its own by Chicago’s Cratebug - All proceeds will be donated to the LGBT Foundation as part of Smirnoff’s ‘We’re Open’ campaign…


Honey Dijon teamed up with Smirnoff back in October 2017 as part of the ‘We’re Open’ campaign which aims to “promote inclusive nighttime culture and celebrate nightlife's ability to transcend gender boundaries and prejudice”.

The inimitable Chicago DJ/producer partnered up with vocalist Sam Sparro to cover LGBTQ icon Sylvester’s legendary 1979 disco cut ‘Stars’. The rework of the boundary breaking ‘Queen of Disco’’s classic track brought a fresh, club driven flair to the original, with Sparro’s vocals floating on top of a deep groove and acid lead.

When first approached for the project, Dijon admitted that she was hesitant, given that “advertising feels lately like it is trying to cash in on the visibility and adversity of transfolk in order to appear cool, relevant or inclusive to make a buck”. However, it was agreed that Smirnoff would be making a considerable donation to a charity of her choice in support of trans rights.

Now, the track – which was produced with the help of Classic Music Company head Luke Solomon and studio partner Lance Desardi – is being given a full release on 12” vinyl and digital, set to drop this Friday 13th April. Along with Dijon and Sparro’s original rework, the four track EP comes with an extended Disco mix as well as two remixes by fellow Chicago-based DJ/Producer Cratebug, whose ‘Nova ReMix’ is premiering below!

A recent member of the Classic – which was started in 1994 by Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter and has released music by Dijon, Eli Escobar, Alinka and many, many more – Cratebug has been crafting divine club edits for years. His take on Honey Dijon’s already stellar Sylvester rework brings another layer of deep groove to the track, layering the prominent disco flavours on top of a magnificent bass groove and beat.

All proceeds from the release will be donated to the LGBT Foundation, which you can learn more about here. Pre-order the release here or order it now from Juno

Speaking of the release, Honey Dijon added, “Hats off for Smirnoff for not only putting its money where its mouth is but being genuinely interested in the awareness and importance of diversity.”

There will be a limited edition blue vinyl run of the release too, with stunning artwork by New York-based artist assume vivid astro focus.