Exclusive Artikal album stream, with tracks from Truth, Thelem, Skeptical and more.

J:Kenzo's Artikal Music UK has been a rising star in dubstep for quite some time now, and a string of game changing releases in the past year has cemented its place in the scene amongst legendary 140 heavyweights such as Tempa, Deep Medi, Boka and Tuba.

Not one to rest on its laurels, J:Kenzo's label is continuing its domination of the scene with what may be their biggest release yet. 

The art of the compilation has always been at the heart of 140 and its biggest labels. From early Dubstep Allstars mixes to the seminal FabricLive mix from Caspa & Rusko, compilations have played a big part in dubstep's success from the beginning. 'Artikal Music UK: The Compilation', unlike the previously mentioned, is unmixed - but the concept stays the same. It's a journey through the current scene, with highly anticipated dubs from veterans and newcomers alike, showcasing their various styles and undeniable talent.

The compilation includes tracks from artists based around the globe and is testament to the positive result of the globalisation of dubstep and its ever growing presence internationally — as well as in the UK. To build on this, J:Kenzo and his label colleagues are embarking on a 14-show tour across North America in which we wish them every success.

You can purchase the album Monday 6th October on wax or digital here.

J:Kenzo was kind enough to give us some words on his label and the new compilation below:

“It has always been a dream of mine to have my own imprint. The label Artikal Music UK was started in January 2012. There was a track called 'Alone In The Darkness' which was a collaboration between myself and fellow Kent-based DJ/producer Mosaix, and the track was getting a lot of interest around that time. We decided to start Artikal and release it ourselves. At this time I was being sent a lot of quality music, which I felt deserved to be released, so we decided to make the label an outlet for deep underground sounds.

"For me, it feels like the right time to release this compilation. We have been releasing music for over two years now. Dubstep has been through some changes in that time but I feel like this is a way of showing that the scene is still here and it is strong. The majority of the artists involved have either had past releases with Artikal or have a close affiliation with myself and the label. The idea with the compilation was to reflect on some of the previous releases but also bring something new to the table with fresh and unheard tracks.

"The assortment of artists included shows just how popular dubstep has become all over the world. There is talent from all corners of the globe. On this compilation we have artists from the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Italy as well as homegrown talent from the UK.

"We have a huge Artikal Music UK North American Tour planned for October and November. There are 14 shows lined up for some of the top dubstep promoters in the US and Canada. We also are putting together some dates around Europe towards the end of 2014.

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