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Pixel Pusher

Pixel Pusher

Edirol have revealed the successor to the industry standard V-4 video mixer.

The V-8 (£1099, out now) gets its name from the eight input channels, each with its own preview output.

Add to this two additional VGA inputs for computer monitors (with high quality scan convertors) and three outputs, and it should satisfy most VJs' needs.

It keeps the tried and tested layout of its predecessor, with a pair of mix channels and the big pilot swipe stick in the middle. Each bus channel can select from any of the sources and has its own fader, as well as an independent master fader for precision control.

Inside the V-8 are a bunch of hot new video effects, transitions and wipes, as well as BPM music sync. The V-8 can also work hand-in-hand with the Roland M-400 V mixer to switch between audio sources so they follow and match the video mix using the V-Link protocol.