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Here'a chance to test how good your hearing is on Philips New Golden Ears Website

Philips have disclosed one of their trade secrets as to making sound equipment of exceptional quality by allowing anybody that is interested an oppertunity to take part in their Golden Ears Training Program.

Philip’s unique Golden Ears training program was designed to develop the listening skills of their highly trained audio engineers. To ensure that they continuously create products of superior sound quality that highlights every musical detail and nuance. No easy task in itself.

Philip’s are now offering everyone the chance to take part in their Golden Ear training program simply by signing up and logging on to their Golden Ear website. The online challenge contains the essential elements of Philip’s professional Golden Ears training program that their experts use. There are four difficulty levels: Basic, Bronze, Silver and ultimately, Golden Ears. Each level is divided into short challenges that are designed to develop and test your listening skills. I’ve tested it out myself and was surprised to find that after all these years in loud music environments my listening and hearing was still pin point accurate as I easily achieved the Golden Ears status as you can well imagine. Joking aside the test really does push your hearing capacity to the limits and is a great indicator as to how we perceive sound.

To be honest its best to do this test on a pretty balanced sound system or ultimately in a controlled studio setting where your speakers should be balanced, neutral and not colour the sound to get the true full experience, but even if you’ve not got access to this type of listening environment its still worth a go, as it’s interesting to hear how things change when the listening environment is altered and that’s what Golden Ears is all about.