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An old phone booth in Devon has been named the “world’s smallest nightclub”

An old phone booth in Devon has been named the “world’s smallest nightclub”

The room is small, the vibe is big...

Phone booth world's smallest nightclub DJ Mag
Phone booth world's smallest nightclub DJ Mag

A disused phone box in Kingsbridge, Devon has become the “world’s smallest nightclub”

The old red phone booth on Fore Street, which has been “adopted” as part of BT’s Adopt a Kiosk programme, is set to be kitted out with a disco ball, sound system and lighting to mark its transformation.

The booth will also be fitted with a  “dial-a-disc-type” system which will enable visitors to pay £1 to have a very compact dance to songs like Blondie’s ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ and Electric Light Orchestra’s ‘Telephone Line’. Every donation to the booth will go to a  local charity for adults with learning difficulties @115.

The idea to repurpose the phone booth was put forward initially by the Town Council in January with the mayor admitting it was “daft” but acknowledging that it would bring some publicity to the down.

The Kingsbridge phone booth will dethrone the current holder of the “world’s smallest club”, Rotherham’s mobile disco club 28. The latter has enough room for six dancers and one DJ while the soon to be “launched” cosy phone box has about enough room for one person. Maybe two.

“This red phone box is an important part of Kingsbridge’s heritage and we were determined to keep it,” said Councillor Chris Povey, of Kingsbridge Town Council. “But we also wanted to do something different with it - something really eye catching so we came up with making it the world’s smallest nightclub. Very importantly, it will also help raise funds for a Kingsbridge charity, which provides a vital service for the local community.”

The Kingsbridge phone booth is the 5000th kiosk to be adopted as part of BT’s scheme. Katherine Bradley, commercial and operations manager for BT Payphones congratulated the town for their clever and innovative repurposing of the box. “The 5,000th adoption is a perfect example of the sort of creativity shown by communities wanting to find a new lease of life for many traditional red phone boxes,” she said.

If you feel like opening a nightclub, you can adopt your own phone booth here