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Now then, now then...

Sir Jimmy speaks out about the DJmag top 100

After speaking with Sir Jimmy Saville to hear his thoughts on the campaign that’s currently underway to score him a place in this year’s DJmag Top 100 DJs, he's stated that though very flattered by organiser Neil Scott’s efforts, he’d really rather not make the final poll.

Instead, Sir Jimmy would like to sit and remember his greatly deserved and cherished eleven no.1 DJ awards from the '60s given to him by NME magazine and to not have those memories over-shadowed by a score somewhere within a final 100 names.

Though we’re sure the campaign was set up in a respectful manner, the DJ scene today doesn’t represent what Sir Jimmy was about when he was still playing. He won so many awards as he was unquestionably the nation’s best DJ; he was the most popular, he was the most progressive, and of course he was the snappiest dressed…  His endless TV appearances, award shows and music industry events saw him not only becoming a firm partying accomplice to the likes of The Beatles but also receiving a phone call from Elvis and of course, receiving his pretty darned impressive knighthood which now sees his name prefixed with ‘Sir’.  Not bad at all.

Still livin’ it up in his native Yorkshire, Sir Jimmy’s house is a shrine to his talent with endless photos, trophies, plaques and medals adorning the walls. These (literally) countless accolades are not only for his unrivaled musical achievements but also for the well over 200 marathons he has run, countless charities to which he has assisted, and the less well documented 100 or so pro fighting matches that he has both conquered and endured.

This goes a little way to illustrating why this campaign doesn't represent the biggest achievement of his life. Frankly, he doesn’t need any more accreditation from an industry that may not be what it is today without his early efforts in the UK’s burgeoning DJ scene. It’s time to sit back and be proud of those he helped and continues to inspire.

Sir Jimmy is still, and always will be, regarded as the most pioneering DJ of his time - a highly respected and much loved icon of the music scene who, to be honest, sounds like he doesn’t actually have that much room left on his mantelpiece…

Words: Julia Jennings