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Newly Reunited Pop Group Announce Live Dates

Newly Reunited Pop Group Announce Live Dates

THE Pop Group, specifically

Post-Punk legends The Pop Group have announced four small club dates – including back-to-back nights at The Garage in London – this September, in preparation for a more widespread tour and a rumoured new album. The influential post-punk group reunited in May after nearly thirty years of dormancy.

Less slaves to the rhythm than just general acquaintances of it, the band had little use for conventional notions of musicality, proudly boasting that only two of their members had any musical experience at all before forming the band. Instead the group championed the idea of using conventional instruments in very unconventional manners, hoping to advance the sonics of post-punk, forging a signature sound that incorporated elements of punk, funk, dub, free-jazz and straight-up noise, the combination of which laid the foundations for what would become trip-hop.

Known for their fiery rhetoric as much as their abrasive sound, NME once attempted to frame their aesthetic by saying, “When a band can offend as much as The Pop Group can they must have something good.”

The Pop Group formed in 1978 and managed to fire off two seminal albums before disbanding in 1981, their members going on to pursue solo careers with varying levels of success. Now reunited, the band will be performing with their original line up of Mark Stewart on vocals, Gareth Sager on guitar/piano/saxophone, Bruce Smith on drums, and Dan Castis on bass.

The dates are as follows:

9th September: Locomotiv Club 9 – Bologna, Italy

10th September: Spazio 211 – Turin, Italy

11th September: The Garage – London

12th September: The Garage – London