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Innovative new programme mixes tracks so you don't have to...

With diehard purists already grumbling and griping about MP3 mixing with Ableton Live, many will be spitting out their cornflakes when they discover Mixalbum.com.

The brainchild of Ian Chamings, it initially appeared as a business idea on BBC2 programme 'Dragon's Den', where budding businessmen hawk their wares to a panel of hard-nosed investors to see if they'll put money into their project.

Mixalbum.com pricked interest and subsequent investment from two of the dragons (Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis) as a potent idea, and launches online 1st August.

Mixalbum.com functions as a fully automated DJ system: not only is it a download service, where customers can buy and download tracks, Mixalbum.com actually goes that one step further and will mix playlists - essentially functioning as a robot DJ. Dance music fans with absolutely no DJ experience will be able to enjoy their favourite tracks as they were intended: mixed.

Users will also be able to specify certain characteristics that they want the mix to have. Speed Change allows you to set the parameters of when and where you want the mix to increase in speed, and there's also an option that allows customers to choose whether they want the mixes to be smooth transitions or rough and ready mash-ups.

Record labels already signed up for the service include Sony BMG, EMI and Ministry of Sound. Chamings believes this is the idea that loads of dance music fans have been clamouring for.

"DJs can mix the tracks themselves, but end-listeners who can't mix, or can't be bothered, need to buy compilations, and most of the time there will be a few tracks they don't want. We've had so many e-mails saying, 'It's just what I was waiting for.'"