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Miss K8 selects her 10 most influential hardcore techno cuts

Miss K8 selects her 10 most influential hardcore techno cuts

Uncompromising hardcore DJ and producer Miss K8 shares her guaranteed dancefloor obliterators...

Tearing up crowds with nothing but the most banging of bangers, once you’ve experienced a set by Miss K8, you’re unlikely to forget it. She’s consistently made the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll for the last four years, and is as well known for her anthemic, face-melting productions as she is for her animated performances in the booth. There’s no better proof of her beat- making prowess than the hardcore kicks and raging hoovers of recent tracks such as ‘Temper’ and ‘Out Of The Frame’, the latter of which has been slaying dancefloors all around the globe since it dropped last August.

Relentless touring is proof of the high demand for this Kiev-raised DJ, rinsing Europe’s full-throttle rave institutions, from Defqon 1 to Dominator, with further bookings taking her across the rest of the world. She’s a tour de force in the true meaning of the phrase, packing no-nonsense attitude and take-no-prisoners music wherever she flies.

DJ Mag North America caught up with Miss K8 (real name Kateryna Kremko) to talk 10 tracks that continue to inspire her musical journey...

ANGERFIST ‘Riotstarter’
“This is one of hardcore’s pure classics. I love the melody of this track, and combined with the uplifting vocals, it’s a perfect combination. It has a vibe that stands out from other tracks, which attracts me to it.”

THA PLAYAH ‘Why So Serious’
“Tha Playah is a real mastermind, and knows how to create a special atmosphere in his tracks and build up to tell a story throughout the whole arrangement. The deep melody and overall melodramatic vibe make this one of my all-time favorites.”

DJ NIEL ‘Under My Skin’
“‘Under My Skin’ is a track that comes from the beginning of the early millennium era of hardcore techno. It’s a simple track, like most were back then, and the melody is just perfect. I also like how the track doesn’t rush into anything, and just keeps going.”

UNEXIST ‘Attack (Mad Dog Remix)’
“A remix of a track that was an instant classic. It’s a difficult task to remake a hit like this, but Mad Dog did an amazing job. He stayed close to the original, but clearly gave it his own signature sound. An aggressive bomb that still works on any dancefloor.”

ANGERFIST & NOLZ ‘The Deadfaced Dimension’
“This title track of the 2014 Angerfist album ‘The Deadfaced Dimension’ was instantly one of my favorites when it came out. The hostile vocals by Nolz combined with the symphonic breakdown give it a warrior feeling. I love the vibe it brings to a dancefloor when I play it.”

“Radical Redemption is known for ruthless kick drums in his music and epic but at the same time evil soundscapes and ambiance. ‘Kingpin’ is so dark, with the pitched down synths on these extreme basslines. This one is high on my list of favorites.”

MINUS MILITIA ‘Crackin’ Your Ribs’
“‘Crackin’ Your Ribs’ just blew me away the first time I heard it. What can make or break a track in our scene is a kick drum, and in this one, you get basically overwhelmed the first time it drops. The angry vocals fit perfectly — one of my favorite raw hardstyle tracks.” 

I:GOR ‘Straight Outta Kielce’
“The track that you would hear in almost any DJ set a year or two ago. So much energy and power have been put into this. His style has always been raw and underground, but with a dancefloor-oriented approach. ‘Straight Outta Kielce’ refers to his hometown in Poland.”

“One of the more recent tracks in this list. Like I said before, in our scene, a kick can make or break a track, and I love the way this track drops. The melody and atmosphere are very solid as well, but this one is definitely all about the drop for me.”

MISS K8 & NOLZ ‘Raiders Of Rampage’
“This is my favorite own track. It was an honor to produce the official anthem for one of the greatest hardcore events, Masters Of Hardcore in Brabanthallen, The Netherlands. The track was released in 2016, but I still play it weekly, and the crowd goes crazy every time. It’s known for its ominous alarm sound, heavy bassline and Nolz’s Viking style screaming of the lyrics.”

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