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Loveparade Returns!

Loveparade Returns!

The world's biggest electronic music celebration returns in 2006 - the Berlin Loveparade will see over a million clubbers dance on the streets of the German capital.

Berlin Loveparade 2006
Historical Dance Music Importance: Berlin's Siegessäule

Berlin Loveparade 2006
The world's number one DJ - Paul van Dyk - will close Loveparade 2006

Berlin Loveparade 2006
Ministry, Tiësto, and Ibiza's Privilege club will host Loveparade floats

Berlin Loveparade 2006
Main man: Dr. Motte started the Loveparade in 1989
After a two year hiatus the world's biggest electronic music celebration returns to Berlin's streets complete with its DJ floats and messages of peace, love, and unity.

Based on previous estimates, over a million clubbers are expected to attend this year's Loveparade on 15th July 2006, which has 40 moving soundsystems, and ten stages.

A message posted on the Loveparade's website by its organisers read: "After the disappointing cancellations of the 2004 and 2005 Loveparades, finally the biggest open-air party of modern electronic music again becomes THE cultural event, as well as the cult event it is known for internationally."

Global Dance Music

Club culture representatives from 17 nations were chosen to host the 40 Loveparade floats by an online vote which was overseen by Loveparade's organisers.

So desperate were the Berlin-based planners to make sure this year's event happened, that they cancelled San Francisco's own parade, much to the disappointment of clubbers stateside.

World's Biggest Dancefloor

Loveparade 2006 will end in its traditional closing manner, when all 40 sound trucks will converge and circle around Siegessäule, linked to create the biggest dancefloor in the world, holding up to a million people.

This time the DJs booked to play what must be the scariest gig of all time are Paul van Dyk, Ricardo Villalobos, Onur Özer, Westbam, Tiësto, and Ewan Pearson – each of the jocks will play just 20 mins on the main stage.

Hot DJ Talent

A new addition for the 2006 Loveparade will see ten 'Underground Floors' showcase the best up and coming dance music talent on solid stages.

Sweet 'n' Candy, Dan Curtin, Anja Schneider, Matthias Tanzmann, Dapayk, Butane, Jay Haze, Benno Blome, and Konrad Black are just some of the DJs and acts playing.

The main float hosts picked to represent the world of electronic music at Loveparade this year include Britain's Ministry Of Sound, The Netherlands' Tiësto, and Ibiza's Privilege.

Epsilonlab, Club Space, Nature One, U60311, Time Warp, and Electric Kingdom will also host trucks.

It doesn't get any bigger than Loveparade.

Loveparade's DJ Line-up

Siegessäule Stage

Ricardo Villalobos, Paul van Dyk, Onur Özer, Westbam, Tiësto, Ewan Pearson

Underground Floors

Sweet n´Candy, Dan Curtin, Anja Schneider, Matthias Tanzmann, Dapayk, Butane, Jay Haze, Benno Blome, Konrad Black


Tiësto, Ministry Of Sound, Epsilonlab, Club Space, Nature One, U60311, Privilege Ibiza, Time Warp, Electric Kingdom

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