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Lost Frequencies shares 10 tunes that inspire him

Lost Frequencies shares 10 tunes that inspire him

Lost Frequencies opens up about his favourite tunes including big room cuts from Eric Prydz, Flume and the late great Avicii...

Rocketing into the Top 100 in 2017 at No.26, Belgium’s Felix De Laet has enjoyed an equally rocketing career trajectory since he broke into the big-time with his breakthrough 2014 smash, ‘Are You With Me’. Establishing a partnership with Armin van Buuren’s iconic Armada camp, where he dropped his ‘Less Is More’ album a few years later, including breakthrough hits ‘Reality’ and ‘Are You With Me’. Felix says the biggest development this year was his live debut at his country’s Tomorrowland festival. 

“This year has been really big for me,” he tells DJ Mag. “I’ve been working hard on my very first live show, which involved no DJ gear on the stage at all! The debut at Tomorrowland was 100% the highlight of my summer. Other than that, I’m finishing my second album, which will be a little bit more electronic than the first one, though it’s still rocking those melodies I usually work on.” 

Additionally, Felix points to the launch of his Found Frequencies label as a highlight and supporting upcoming acts like Two Pauz, Mordkey & Mastrovita and Petit Navire. “I can’t wait to show everybody what’s coming up next!” 

Avici 'Blessed'
“This was a track that really inspired me a lot. It showed me you can have a lot of feelings & energy together in just one track.”

Wankelmut 'One Day'
“This is the track that got me into the deep house kind of vibe that I love so much, guitar sounds and good vocals — love it.”

Compuphonic 'Sunset'
“This influenced me because of the use of the synths and the cool delay sounds — and again a cool mix of energy and emotion.”

Avicii & Philgood 'A New Hope'
“An unreleased track unfortunately but so good. I’m a big electro house fan and this is definitely one of my favourites.”

Marshall Jefferson 'Move Your Body (Tchami Tribute)' 
“Amazing track by Tchami! Tchami was really one of my favourite producers around a few years ago, his sound design AND creativity were insane — and still is!” 

Fisher 'Losing It' 
“Any track by Fisher is amazing. Fisher is an amazing mix of accessible good vibes tech-house and aggressive sounds at the same time. It was a perfect insight for me on how I could grow as a producer if I wanted to go deeper.”  

Netsky 'Iron Heart' 
“The production behind this track made me fall in love with Netsky. Everything he released is pure magic, and I’m so happy I got to make a track with him.”

Zonderling 'Tunnel Vision' 
“Zonderling inspired me with their take of 'Domino' by Oxia, but once they put out 'Tunnel Vision', they really created something unique and amazingly powerful.”

Flume 'Insane' 
“I had to pick a track from Flume. Flume inspired me and keeps on inspiring me on sound design and production, mixed with feelings and electronic sounds. By far my favourite producer of the last five years.”

Eric Prydz 'Opus' 
“I was always really afraid of changing bpms in tracks, also because it would be harder to mix in a set, but 'Opus' taught me different. Now I love messing around with the BPM and build-ups that make my tracks evolve into something unpredictable.”

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