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Less Is More

Less Is More

Uber fashion jargon, coming at you in various colourways.

BEST BADGE… Ah bless. We heart this Pacman broach / badge. He so cute! Coming from the delightful junkielovers.com, a jewellery shop with some mighty fine pieces, well worth a mooch through.

AZULI BE GOOD… You're going to love these Club Azuli Ibiza t-shirts – it's reunion time remember. We've got two to giveaway (in the usual fashion – email or postcard please).

THE HIP AND THE HOP… Wildstyles is an exhibition of old skool hip-hop photographs taking place at the PYMCA Gallery, 41 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1 from 13th September to 2nd November. How very rad daddio.

WITH SOCKS... Who says you can't wear flip flops in the Autumn! You can wear them at home or try them with toe socks. Gurkees are sandals made from polypropylene rope (which is machine washable and saltwater resistant). They're vegan and eco friendly and actually not half bad. www.beyondshoes.co.uk

NEWS PAPER… If you can get your hands on a Tyjax (that's the paper fabric stuff) jacket this season you'll be given a gold star (at least!). Check ebay.co.uk for a few cool ones coming in from the US.

LEATHER LOVERS… Dang! It's the leather jackets with hoods that have really got us in a spin. Our daper Dan Kinasz has been sporting a fine one since the weather turned nippy.