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Kontakt 2 Video Tutorial

Kontakt 2 Video Tutorial

Producing music on computers ain't easy, so lucky for us Native Instruments have created a video tutorial about their software sampler Kontakt 2. Watch a clip here.

Video: Press Play

Kontakt 2 Tutorial: Sampler & Synth Filters (please wait, buffering...)

Kontakt 2 screenshot
Any help with electronic music production is always appreciated, because let's face it, we're not all nerds.

Producing music on computers takes time, dedication, intelligence, and technical know-how, so lucky for us Native Instruments have created a fast-track DVD tutorial to help you get to grips with their software sampler Kontakt 2.

Above, DJmag.com has an exclusive chapter from their video tutorial which outlines the basics of filtering (just press play).

It is a useful video clip for anyone interested in making their own dance music, and of course a life-saver for Kontakt 2 users who don't have a clue what they're doing.

The Kontakt 2 DVD was produced after Native's Absynth 3 DVD tutorial flew off the shelves, and it covers both the
basics, and the details of the soft
sampler over six hours, helping users
to get the most out of Kontakt 2.

It is available in stores worldwide now, and costs approximately £33.

For more info on the DVD and Kontakt 2 visit www.native-instruments.com