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This month's essential tunes

Hot Natured
'Reverse Skydiving (Deetron Remix)'
Hot Creations

Those who find the original a little ordinary should look no further than this beefy rework from Deetron. Always an ever-ready source of a juicy re-edit, the Swiss man has already added value to funky deep house cuts from Grand Corporation (Classic) and PBR Streetgang (Hot Creations), as well as serving as one of the most talented DJs in the game, just as likely to embark on a deep journey as he is play a cut-and-paste party set (often in a single four-hour sitting).

Of all his achievements, however, it's hard to find one as tantalising as this one — guaranteed to get smashed to high heaven by any self-respecting DJ searching for something to turn a turgid deep house set into a riotous night on the tiles. Highlighting the chilling keys of the deep house act's effort, Deetron doesn't fuck about, chucking in a monstrous garage bassline that's more 'RIP Groove' than 'Benediction'. The result is a menacing throwback to the Halloween soundtrack, that breaks out into acid house rave stabs midway through, before dropping back into a skipping hi-hat and that bloodthirsty bassline. Anabel Englund's vocals are kept in, albeit with a touch of echo, but those who find them a tad too saccharine can opt for the dub version, ensuring even the pop-adverse among us are kept happy. Flip it over for Shadow Child's bulbous version, to make for a very playable package that injects bass into a tune destined to be a ubiquitous Ibiza anthem this summer.

Shooting Horses
'Think of You'
Loose Synths

Started as a blog focusing specifically on under-the-radar UK garage, house and bass by Spokes, Shooting Horses and DLVRY, it's also an established club night and now a label. The first Loose Synths release from one of the chief family members (including a remix from Spokes) is a golden nugget of two-step garage, with tropical UK funky undertones, very much deserving of your attention.

Round Table Knights
'I Just Want'

Swiss duo Round Table Knights refuse to get stuck. After dipping their toes into various forms of house — gypsy, fidget, deep — they've donated these two succulent slabs of funk. 'I Just Want' offers a lumbering, bottom-heavy slice of soulful house, while 'Whoo' is slightly chunkier boogie that builds towards summery pads. Cutting separate figures in their own right, both are slick beach party fodder.

'I Feel'
Saints & Sonnets

Following dark, murky tech house efforts for Losing Suki and Hypercolour, Shenoda has committed this to Huxley's Saints & Sonnets imprint. Despite walking garage/house crossover territory, this guy's techy touch is remnant throughout on 'I Feel'. 'Suntrap' traces a Balearic terrace vibe and 'Love Thing' is UK garage with seething sub-bass. Crunchy, metallic and robust, there's little to fault here.



'Hackney Parrot'

Poly Kicks

so it might have been out a little while, but the buzz on this monster is only growing. Tessela's already shown his quality with bass tunes like 'Darlene, Please', but 'Hackney Parrot' is an unashamed hardcore tribute, all 'Think' break cut-ups, panoramic pads, and diva histrionics. Immediate, attention grabbing, and napalming a floor near you now... 'Helter Skelter' on the flip is more sliced 'n' diced, breakbeat science indeed.



'Sunburn Modern (Session Victim Remix)'

Greco Roman

The lovely, warm rays of the original may have flooded our systems last year, but this remix of the erstwhile Vampire Weekend man by disco freaks Session Victim ups the trippiness and club readiness, pumping up the 4/4 flavours and stretching out the drama. In its new form, it's a Balearic delight to soundtrack hazy outdoor fests at home and abroad, when the fiery ball is in full flight this summer.


Tale of Us

'Another Earth EP'


A great new EP from this duo, 'Another Earth' represents something of a volte-face for both the artists and label. Though they made their name with a techy, dark disco sound, this is highly cinematic, epic techno, harder, deeper, stronger. Exploring a new topography with pumping bass and big synths to the fore, this is perhaps the reason they've been a little quiet of late, refining a fresh sound. More like this please.