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Juan MacLean: the DJ

Juan MacLean: the DJ

Q & A with dance bandmate turned DJ

First he founded New York dance band, The Juan MacLean.  Now he is touring internationally as a DJ after releasing his first mixed album in 2010.  It features the single, Feels So Good, which can be heard here and clearly holds on to his dance roots: http://vimeo.com/12083126

DJ Mag got the opportunity to ask him a few questions while he is working on his highly anticipated next set of singles called Juan MacLean's Acid Trip.  The title seems to be fitting after hearing about his wild past experiences...

First two records you ever tried to mix?

My first 12," By 'The Time I Get To Venus,' with 'Rockit' by Herbie Hancock, which is the track that inspired it.

First ever gig?

A thursday night at APT in NYC, maybe in 2002.  It was terrifying.

Fondest club experience?

Fondest of recent years was definitely playing 'We Love Space' at Space in Ibiza the night Spain won the World Cup, last summer. It was hard to do wrong that night, people were crying they were so happy, chanting my name during breakdowns and all that.

Worst club experience?

I have to take full responsibility for my worst club experience. In Atlanta, Georgia, I left the decks to get in a brawl with a drunken fan who was bothering me. I literally lost my shirt, he had torn it off my back, and had to finish the night shirtless so I could get paid.

Most mental event?

At a certain DJ's birthday party show in Munich, at midnight they brought in a bag full of ecstacy and passed it around. It was so crowded we were pissing in cups at the dj booth because we couldnt get through the crowd to use the bathroom. I left at 7am.

Most significant club of all time?

It seems like an obvious answer, and it's easy to romanticize a time and place that was long before my time, but I would have to say The Warehouse in Chicago in the mid 80's. It's the birthplace of my favorite music of all time. 

If you could live any era, anywhere?

20 AD, in Jerusalem.  I'm dying to know what Jesus was up to, and how much truth there is to the legend, and definitely check out some of his shows.

DJ Juan MacLean will be making a special UK appearance this Friday, February 25th, at Queen Elizabeth's Hall Front Room.  Find out about the event and how to win tickets here: http://djmag.com/news/story/2582