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Jesse Rose Interview

Jesse Rose Interview

His groovy 'Body Language Vol. 3' mix for Get Physical is out on 5th February. Our cue to launch a few questions at him.

You moved from London to Berlin last year. What's it like living there?

"It's great, a complete contrast to living in London.

"It's very relaxed, very safe and you can live like a king on not very much."

How did you approach your mix for Get Physical?

"I condensed what I would normally play in a three-hour set and tried to pick up the freshest tracks that were around, as well as a couple of classics such as Ariel Brikha's 'Groove La Chord'.

"After that I spent about three weeks locked in a room mixing it and re-mixing it.

"I wanted to do it in one take, which unfortunately for me meant doing it about twenty times!"

What do you think of minimal?

"I think there is some great stuff out there like the tunes on Moon Harbour, but there is also a mass of really boring music.

"I think a lot of prog and trance DJs have started playing minimal and have added a dark and straighter edge to it that feels really soulless.

"But it was good to have a change and it has had a massive impact on clubland."

What is 'fidget house'?

"We came up with 'fidget house' as a joke, which has now gone a little too far. Switch, Trevor Loveys, Herve and myself all make and play 'fidget house', and although we all have different influences we are influenced by music that isn't straight-up house, like hyphy and bali funk."

What's your residency at Panorama Bar like?

"It's like going back in a time machine to 1989 or something.

"The crowd are amazing, really up for having a party and the club itself is very unique.

"It was a real compliment to be asked to do my own monthly label night there.

"It's also great to be able to invite a lot of DJs that don't normally play in Berlin, like Claude Von Stroke, Chris Duckenfield and Rob Mello."

Which producers/DJs do you tip for 2007?

"I've just signed up a new artist, Deadset, which is a new project fronted by Cass & Mangan.

"They are taking the best of what's going on and twisting out some big dancefloor bangers.

"Their album will be released next spring.

"Apart from them I would say the very talented DJ Tristan da Cunha from Basics will be big this year."