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Howl At The Moon

Mega-rave Moondance goes epic

This time, Moondance have really pulled out the big guns. With their 13th birthday bash occurring at London's Ministry of Soundon 12th October, they thought it was time for something a little bit special. And true to form, the DJs confirmed for the hardcore and drum & bass institution reads like a who's who of both old and new skools.

In the Son Of Dance room, toast of the town TC steps up to the plate to prove why there's such a buzz around his new 'Evolution' project; Bristolian d&b dons DJ Die and DJ Krust go head-to-head in a not-to-be-missed clash of the titans; junglist master Mampi Swift will be smashing out the raggamuffin beats; scene godfathers Fabio and Grooverider touch down to obliterate the club; Full Cycle youngblood Clipz will be blamming out his minimal bass wubs, and Sub Focus, Ram One and Simon Bassline Smith will all be rocking up. Elsewhere, the Essence Of Chi room will focus on the funkier, soulful liquid d&b sound, with original scenester Nookie, liquid legends Artificial Intelligence, Metalheadz master Commix, Zero Tolerance and Alix Perezall appearing.

For those on the pure old skool tip, there'll be plenty to enjoy in the Old Skool Room, where original heads like Nicky Blackmarket, Ellis Dee and Slipmatt will no doubt be serving up the junglist and hardcore classics, with rave breaks coming from the likes of Snypa and Squirrel, Sence and Twista and tons more. There's even a house room to keep those needing a little 4/4 action happy, with Seamus Hajiheadlining.

Ministry's soundsystem has just had a huge overhaul, so the bass waves and bashy beats should be more galumphing than ever. There's no excuse to miss it! Early bird tickets have already flown out the door. Tickets are on sale now priced at £16 in advance from with door tax more expensive.