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Henry Saiz how it’s done

Henry Saiz how it’s done

Be a linchpin to Henry Saiz’s new album…

“Reality is for those who are not strong enough to confront their dreams” is the mantra behind Henry Saiz’s new online album project, ‘We Are Henry Saiz’. The Spanish techno and house DJ is divulging his creative fantasies on an entire new level by wanting samples from you… be it your voice, a recording of you playing an instrument, or any original sound that just means something special to you. 

The Spaniard will then go through all these samples himself to see what his artistic taste buds lead him to produce as an album. “It’s a sharing experience” Henry tells DJ Mag, “its amazing how some of the tracks change when I add some of the sounds I’m getting”. Saiz adds, “I’m using a lot of sampling for my album, so I thought it would be just more interesting to work with exclusive samples I get from my followers, very unique samples full of meaning and a story behind them”.

A medley of house, disco, krautrock, lo-fi, indie and techno, Henry Saiz is still in the album writing process and wading through piles of samples. “It will sound coherent and unitary”, Henry Saiz tells DJ Mag, “definitely a very personal album”. The double CD album will vary in tempo and style, from murky underground clubs to mellowing afterparties to your standard bus ride home from work.

An exclusive worldwide tour will help spread his idea of making the album a global collaboration. Toying around with the theme of cutting, mixing and making, he also hopes to record an album from a show.

“I´d like to be 100% sure that I’m the first doing something like this” Henry tells the DJ Mag office, “I really can’t believe why no one had done this before…it sounds like an idea Radiohead could come up with, that would be definitely something interesting to hear too.”

The album is set to be released later this year under his record label Natura Sonoris. For a rough idea of what to expect the hombre has made a nice little demo...

www.wearehenrysaiz.com Demo#01 by Henry Saiz