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Hazy memories!

Hazy memories!

We ask Superfeq's Mr C to blow away those cobwebs, as we ask<SPAN CLASS="rd">... do you remember?</SPAN>

"Yeah, it was in August 1987. I came over with the crew from soul and funk station LWR but they got annoyed because I was playing early house and Detroit stuff. Thinking I was just being indulgent, they kicked me off the decks."

…the first time a DJ gig went off for you in Ibiza?

"That same time in '87. I went on and found a club called Nightlife in San Antonio. I'd been rapping there the night before so when I told them I was a DJ too they welcomed me with open arms.

"I played every night with my friends Tony and Carlos Diaz for free booze and we basically turned Nightlife into an acid house venue overnight. I then sold my entire record box to Carlos when I left to continue spreading acid house in Ibiza."

…the first Ibiza Superfreq party?

"Yes, it was July 2003 at Underground. It was just me playing with their resident, Juanito. We only had 250 people having it to completely underground music. "I was trying to be smart by putting things on Tuesday. I thought all the lightweights would be tired from Cocoon and DC10 so only the true hardcore would be up for it. It worked. Only those that really wanted to be there were so it made for a special atmosphere, but maybe we were a bit too clever for our own good.

"We switched to Wednesdays the following year and the night was rammed with 800 right away."

…the last time you got seriously sideways in Ibiza?

"Just about every time I go on a Monday - you can't not get involved, can you? But the last time I seriously went for it was Superfreq closing last season - me, the Dollz and Tim Sheridan played. We had this mad semi-legal after-hours in this warehouse near KM5 and I ended up wrapping up about two days later. Mental."

…the strangest thing you've seen in Ibiza?

"I remember looking up at Manumission to find Basics' Dave Beer climbing up a post, literally hanging from the ceiling. There was another time when Dave Beer's mates sello-taped him up at Manumission again and just left him on stage. In fact, any memory with Dave Beer!"

…the last time you were blown away by another DJ?

"Good question. It takes a lot to truly blow me away but Steve Bug at DC10 always does it for me. A proper DJ playing proper records to a lunatic crowd."