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Gotta Be Big: Missill

Gotta Be Big: Missill

French DJ/producer Missill is this month's pick for deck stardom. She's done an exclusive mash-up mix for DJmag, check it out here!


Missill DJmag mix

Missill is ill. She's coughing and spluttering down the phone line, from her home in Paris.

"I've had no sleep because last weekend I played some big gigs, and before that I was working on my mix for DJmag," says the 25-year-old
French DJ and producer.

"I worked really hard on the mix,
and spent all week on it," she says
in a croaky voice.

Like former Gotta Be Big stars Martinez, Marc Ashken, and Johnny Arthur, Missill has completed an exclusive mix for DJmag (click the link above right to listen to it).

DJmag would feel guilty about poor Missill ruining her health for us, but her mix is so good, we think it was worth it.

Mashup mix

Her one hour set features an energetic blend of breaks, hip hop, ragga, grime, and dancehall, mashed-up in Missill's distinctive bootleg DJ style.

It's unique and totally different to any Gotta Be Big star mix that has come before.

She's also the first female jock to do a GBB mix.

Does she find it hard, being a female DJ in a male-dominated industry?

"Everyone asks me the same question," she says.

"It's difficult for any DJ these days, man or woman.

"You have to be technically talented,
be able to entertain, understand
business, make music – you have to
juggle many things."

Kaleidoscope Sounds

Talking of juggling, Missill's mix features a kaleidoscope of different sounds, from over 20 different records.

Bootlegs make up the majority of her set, with accapellas, re-edits, and her own remixes making the final cut.

"I did the mix using Serato Scratch via a laptop, technics turntables, and an Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer.

"I've only just got Serato, and it's totally opened up my DJing.

"On this mix I made so many little re-edits to make it blend better together, and if I had just used vinyl, it would never have been possible."

So why the obsession with bootlegs?

"I have to play bootlegs to unite the crowd I play to.

"I'm trying to introduce French people to breaks, but have to combine it with rock, hip hop, ragga, or dancehall so that people hear something they recognise.

"When I play, there's a little something for everybody."


1. Jaccuzi 'Heal The World'

2. Jacques Lu Cont vs. Ce'Cile & General Degree 'Na Na Na Na'

3. Ghislain Poirier feat Lotek Hi-Fi 'Nowhere To Run' (re-edit)

4. DEMON 'In the Park' 9(rmx)

5. Hollertronix vs MIA

6. Low B rmx vs Edu K 'Hot Mama/Da Punk Funk/Missill BYP vs Aristacrat
(boot edit)/Habibi 'D.M. Project'

7. Stanton Warriors Ft. Sway 'Hold Em High'

8. Elephant Man vs Assassin/Tom Real & Rogue Element Functional 38/Missill 'Mr Oizo' (bootleg)

9. Zombie Nation 'Paeng Paeng/Jump Around' (Missill boot)

10. The Rouge Elephant 'King Of Rock' (boot)

11. Potatohead

12. Geek Ghastly 'Rage Against The Terror'

13. DJ Kool/Heavyweith vs the Kid 'Ch Ch Chicken Out' (boot)

14. Rob Reng 'Shook one'/The Organ (missill mix/Scam)

15. Nitro 'Violence'/Party Style

16. Para One 'Turtle Trouble'

17. Hollertronix (Keny West rmx)/Dopamine 'Harsh'

18. Rouge Elephant 'Girlz'/Plump DJs 'Bullet Train'

19. Missill & Pm feat Blu Rum 13 'Choose To Care'

20. David Banner 'Ain't Got Nothing' feat. Rodney P

21. Missill & Pm 'Madabadman' feat. Beenie Man & Wyclef Jean

Catch Missill's mix and other Gotta Be Big star mixes at now!

Missill's mix is also available to listen to on 'DJmag Presents Soundlab', our monthly show on online radio station Proton.

Proton now offers on-demand radio to its subscribers, so you can catch all DJmag's Gotta Be Big mixes whenever you want!

This month's show also features a guest mix from UK DJ Chris Gaines.

Missill London Gig

You can catch Missill playing live at Chew The Fat! at The End nightclub in central London on April 14th.