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Gorgon City: Desert Island Kit

Gorgon City: Desert Island Kit

Gorgon City's blend of pop house has seen the duo smash the charts and dancefloors in equal measure – they've recently completed a US tour where their crossover sound is blowing up in clubs across the States. We wanted to find out what bits of kit go into making their sound and, if they had to choose one, what's their desert-island choice. 

"The bit of kit we use on most of our tracks is a great FM soft synth called Spire. It's by Reveal Sound and isn't expensive or too big, so it doesn't rinse your CPU that much. We found it randomly online and it has been in all our tracks ever since."

Reveal Sound Spire

"We use it in pretty much all of our basslines and you we tend to layer it up to create our big bass sounds. The bassline from pretty much every track on our new album 'Escape' has an element of Spire in there. It's also amazing for making lead and mid-range sounds and these are all over 'Lick Shot'. It's definitely worth checking out and it won't break the bank."

Gorgon City's new single 'Lick Shot' is out now. Buy Spire from Plugin Boutique here.