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Go Team Rave!

Go Team Rave!

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Our global mission continues! With editions of DJmag now published in Brazil, Poland, Ukraine and the Middle East, our international expansion continues apace. And now DJmag is growing again, moving into two new territories this summer.
In response to the huge and ever-growing popularity of dance music in Eastern Europe, DJmag has two new sister publications - DJmag Lithuania and DJmag Bulgaria.

DJmag Lithuania's first edition is out now, after a rip-roaring launch party at Vilnius's Club Galaxy, helmed by electronic house hero James Zabiela. Published by Vakaru Verslo Sistemos, DJmag Lithuania will be printed monthly and aims to provide a one-stop shop for all Lithuanian lovers of the scene.
"The magazine will cover the latest news from the global dance music scene," explained DJmag Lithuania's Vytas Stonis. "We'll be covering global and local events, such as festivals and parties, and new releases from both artists abroad and within the Lithuanian music scene. We'll also interview the DJs that come to play in Lithuania," he enlightened.
With the first mag in the bag, Stonis is already looking towards new horizons.
"We're looking to grow by providing the latest quality information on the global dance music community, and by promoting and supporting the creativity of local artists. In terms of regional expansion, we're considering launching in Latvia in the future."

Meanwhile, DJmag Bulgaria is also gearing up to be another excellent addition to the DJmag family. With the SeeMe (South Eastern European Music Event) festival and conference about to enjoy its third year in the capital Sofia, electronic and dance music is exploding in the region.
There could be no better time to launch DJmag Bulgaria, and accordingly the first issue, out 7th June, will be a special SeeMe edition. This year's festival, running from 5th – 7th June, looks particularly killer with early confirmations including Noisia, Jeff Mills, Paul Woolford, Eddie Halliwell and John O'Callaghan, to name only a few - plenty for DJmag Bulgaria to rave about.
The July issue of DJmag Bulgaria will focus on both Ibiza and Black Sea listings and events.
"The magazine will concentrate on nightlife, clubs, events, festivals, DJs, music producers from Bulgaria and everything connected with dance music in South East Europe," said DJmag Bulgaria's Simeon Vassilev.

Eventually, DJmag Bulgaria intends to reflect the very best of dance music culture across the length and breadth of the entire region.
"We want to cover all that happens in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and so become the biggest and most important magazine for dance music in South East Europe," said Vassilev.
It's an exciting time for dance music and DJmag - stay tuned for more developments…

Tickets for SeeMe 3 are available now from seeme-sofia.com from €130 for the full conference and festival entry, with single festival tickets €15.