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Get In The Groove

Get In The Groove

Three Ibiza flavoured albums to get you in the mood...

We Love… Mixed by Serge Santiago & Riton
(Ministry Of Sound)
Ibiza club albums don't often reflect their floor's true musical ideology so it's nice to see We Love… nail it at first ask. Serge Santiago's voyage through nu-disco, dreamy bleep house and lush, arm-raising groove hypnosis is enough to transport you to the sunshine carnival of the Space terrace if you close your eyes tight enough Representing the vast Discoteca, Riton's retina scorching mix isn't just a Tardis but a time capsule of house music evolution beamed direct from an alien future. Filthy fidget futurism and robotic bump 'n' grind are melded with a jackin' old school energy that eventually reaches its reference point in CLS's defining 'Can You Feel It?' - only to precede an unpredictability trademark ending. Slick.

Café Solo 2 compiled by José Padilla
Look deep enough into the eyes of any Balearic veteran and you'll see a rose-tinted reflection of Jose Padilla's Café Del Mar sets from the late '80s and early '90s. Many might feel the near spiritual power of Ibiza's sunsets is out of reach in today's age - a distant, cherished dream of the island's early halcyon innocence. Padilla shows he's lost none of his ear for eclectic treasures with the cosmic dub funk of the Thievery Corporation, Gui Boratto's lush, low techno embers and the Balearic bliss of Padilla's own 'Voltar' all coming together in a way that only he can carry off. Balearic bliss reborn.

Defected In The House - Eivissa 2007 mixed by Simon Dunmore
Dressing themselves up for another season at Pacha, Defected compilations are often misconceived as a mix of glam house and good time funk alone. It's true, Defected will never abandon their fresh and funky staple yet tucked amongst the grating gospel of tracks like Marc Evan's 'Joy' are ethereal gems like Larry Heard's soulful acid houser 'The Sun Can't Compare' and the beautifully tripped out melodies of Wahoo's retouch of Ben Westbeech's 'Hang Around'. On CD2 tracks from the likes of Martin Buttrich and Martin Solveig create a contrasting selection of dreamy electronic textures and deep tribal funk with a bongo dense blend of Basement Jaxx's avant-garde r&b cut 'Cool It' rounding things off.