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Gabriel & Dresden Remix Brokeback Mountain

Gabriel & Dresden Remix Brokeback Mountain

US production duo Gabriel & Dresden have remixed the theme from the popular movie Brokeback Mountain.

Two gay cowboys
The San Fransico-based DJs were asked to remix Gustavo Santadalla's 'The Wings' by record label Verve, who are releasing the blockbuster's soundtrack.

"We hadn't actually seen the movie when they asked us to remix the tune," reports Josh Gabriel.

"But when we heard the music we couldn't say no.

"We are always up for a challenge, and what could be
better than trying to merge country
guitars and lush strings with dance music?"

Theme Tune

The theme tune to Brokeback Mountain is an atmospheric blend of folk, blues, and country, and anyone who has seen the gay cowboy drama will instantly recognise it.

Gabriel & Dresden's club mix features the memorable guitar interlude, as well as sweeping euphoric strings and a house beat.

"A few of our songs have already ended up in TV shows, like CSI and Nip Tuck and seeing how the music and visuals together bring new meaning to the music makes us want to do more," says Josh.

"We are not looking for film projects, but if the next 'Garden State' came along, we would be well up for it (hint hint Mr. film director)."

This remix is a big score for the duo, as Brokeback Mountain was nominated for eight Oscars, and won four.

It also couldn't have been timed better, as Gabriel & Dresden's debut album is set for release on their Organized Nature label in June 2006.

DJmag has had a sneak preview of their album, and was mightily impressed.

Keep a look out in DJmag for an upcoming feature with the pair.