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Plus download the Australian producer's Fresh Kicks mix!

Don't be fooled by Jad And The Ladyboy’s slightly bizarre title, Jad (real name Jad Lee) is serious about his tunes. A multi-talented instrumentalist and producer, he’s also part of Brisbane-based indie outfit MITZI and girl/boy duo, Twiggy Lashes. 

When he’s not jamming on guitars he’s crafting tracks for ultra-cool German labels Toy Tonics, Exploited and Sonar Kollektiv, plus collaborating with vocalists Stee Downes and soulful New York crooner, Mark Borgazzi. He’s also just been added to DJ Mag’s Fresh Kicks crew — listen to the mix below and check out what he had to say when we caught up with him last month. 

Last record you bought? 
"Sylvester 'Do you Wanna Funk' 12 inch (with the Les Adams Remix) — classic shit!"

Last film you saw? 
"I watched the old Mad Max's. Mel Gibson is cute."

Last club you visited? 
"Laruche in Brisbane I play there regularly and it's one of my favourites to play."

Last meal you ate? 
"Chorizo pasta I cooked for my friend, Anthony."

Last car you drove? 
"My own. It's a piece of shit but fits plenty of surfboards..."

Last album you listened to in full?
"The Supreme Jubilees 'It'll All Be Over' — old soul, a bit too 'church' lyrically but the music is amazing."

Last mix you downloaded? 
"Glenn Astro. This guy! His album is amazing."

Last person you played back-to-back with?
"Audun from legendary Gold Coast club Elsewhere, he's the king of party, the naughty Norwegian."

Last vinyl you spun? 
"A Pan Flute album I found to sample. It kinda sucked though."

Last country you visited? 
"New Zealand. The place is magical. Been a few times and I'll continue to go back. Dreamy!"

Last dream you remember? 
"New Zealand."