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ENTER. into orbit

ENTER. into orbit

Minus man gravitates to Space with new residency

Every year brings a new scoop. This year, one of the most salacious is that Richie Hawtin has turned his back on his Monday night residency at Cocoon, Amnesia, to pursue a new project in collaboration with Nick Curly’s Thursday event Kehakuma at Space, called ENTER.

Starting on 5th July and lasting 12 weeks until 20th September, the ENTER. concept, which will start with a pre-party from 10pm and deliver Ibiza's first-ever designated sake bar, will no doubt follow suit with the Minus boss’ self-affirmed passion for space-age technology, neurosis-meddling techno and dimension-defying visuals, so we checked in with the man himself to hear more...

What made you choose Space Ibiza for your event?

“I've had many great experiences over the years on Ibiza, many at Amnesia, but also at Space, DC10 and at the many crazy after-hours. However, as the concept of ENTER. developed, it made more sense within the layout of Space than any other club. Also, after so many years of being such a part of the Cocoon Amnesia experience, I also thought it was the right and most respectful decision to move my own night to a venue that wouldn’t conflict with Cocoon's own path. It is my intention to bring something new to the island, to offer a different kind of experience, but also something that can help reinforce the popularity of our music and help bring all of us, Cocoon, Carl Cox, Luciano, DC10 et al, more success.”

Fondest memory of the club?

“Partying in an Indian teepee on the old Terrace with Sven and I inside doing all types of things that you only do on Ibiza.”

Musically, what can we expect from ENTER.?

“Musically ENTER. will explore all the sides of electronic music that I feel connected to. Hypnotic grooves of minimalistic, refined techno will be housed in the darker areas of the club, while our joint-programming with Kehakuma on the Terrace will bring a slower, funkier side with music that lies in-between the original genres of house and techno that we've all come to love. Furthermore, you will find organic electronic bleeps on our interactive Technology Terrace and eclectic electronics combined with special cocktails in our Sake Room. Music will of course be the central focus, but the interaction of the music and the other elements we will introduce will create an atmosphere that we feel is different than what you normally find on Ibiza.”

What production tricks do you have up your sleeve for the event?

“Sensors, speakers, shadows, interactions, wireless links, sake, theatre and fantasy.”

Who have you booked so far?

“Magda, Paco Osuna, Dubfire, Josh Wink, François K, Maya Jane Coles, Gaiser, Matador, Marcel Dettmann, Carl Craig...”

Summer tune tip?

“Every Matador track.” 

ENTER. kicks off at Space Ibiza on Thursday 5th July