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Looking like something you'd expect to find in a lab, the nano series is Korg's latest stab at the controller market.

Aimed at laptop users, producers on the go and music-makers locked into minimal spaces, the range consists of compact keys, trigger pads and even a channel mixer.

All three are the same size and shape, measuring the same width as a MacBook laptop by a couple of inches deep, and have a low profile. The nanoKEY spans two octaves with its 25 keys; the nanoPAD sports 12 trigger pads and an XY pad; while the nanoKONTROL offers nine faders and knobs, plus 18 switches and a transport section.

All units feature a consistent white and blue plastic design, and connection is via USB, which also supplies the unit's power. Pricing and availability haven't been specified yet, but we expect it won't be long now.