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DJmag MicroMix

DJmag MicroMix

DJmag are throwing all other mix competitions to the dogs as we launch the most exciting worldwide digital DJ battle in history.

Gone are the arcane days of sending in an hour-long mix by snail mail, with only a small chance of it being heard by the office junior screening the mixes!

We're bringing DJ mix competitions up to date and exploiting the wonders of the web, to help budding DJs get heard by the masses.

Hundreds of DJs from all over the world are already arming themselves with cameras and recording short mixes for the whole world to see on But the difference is, are now watching and offering massive prizes!

Alongside the DJ Tutor, DJmag crew will be keeping a close eye on the talent, along with any feedback and ratings your mixes receive.

The whole world will be able to participate and watch you're efforts too. Here's an example of some of the megamixes already online:


• Record a ten-minute mix
• Upload it to and tag it DJmag MicroMix


We have some very simple rules which you must abide by or risk rejection:

• Use any DJ equipment you like.
• Every mix must be tagged exactly as follows (be very careful of spaces and capitals): DJmag MicroMix
• The mix must be no longer than 10 minutes and be as close up to this time as possible. (We'll accept 9:30 to 10:10, all others will be rejected)
• Only load up one mix - your best one! Once a video is on the list you cannot enter another one, even if you remove the first one from Youtube.
• All entries must be uploaded by 10:00 GMT on 30th April 2007.
• There must be no video edits.
• Prove you've made the mix specifically in response to this competition by introducing yourself as follows:

"My Name Is DJ XXX, from XXX City and this Is My DJmag MicroMix".*

NOTE: If you don't have a mic or are too shy, we'll accept you holding up a copy of DJmag, or printing out this news page and holding it in front of the camera, or point the camera at this page on your computer if you don't have a printer.*


We will be printing a Top 10 list of the best MicroMixes in DJ Magazine, issue no41/vol3, which comes out on the 23rd May 2007.

We'll also display the list on, and put it up on our Youtube account HERE

Not only that, the number one MicroMix DJ will be sent the new Vestax VCI-100 DJ Midi controller, which has only just hit the shops (worth £399).

This wonderful piece of kit plugs into your computer and is designed to work straight out the box with Native Instruments' leading Traktor LE DJ software. It will also work with any Midi software and has two touch-sensitive platters for scratching up your tunes. Check out the review in our archive HERE

Runners up will also have a treat in store as the top ten DJs will all receive a free copy of the Music Industry Manual, which has practically every contact in the music business.


Some additional notes for newbies >>>


Anyone can enter this completion who is able to video themselves and have access to a computer connected to the web.

• This can be done with a mobile phone and uploaded at an internet café, but the better the quality, the better your chances!
• We don't want to see just a set of hands, we want to see how much charisma you have behind the decks!
• Introduce yourself quickly and simply and mention DJmag MicroMix
• Keep the camera still, we have enough trouble at sea and don't want this experience at our computer.
• Once you've recorded your mix, do some tidying up and chop off the silence at the beginning and end.
• You can add some visuals and track titles in your mix if you like, with video editing software, but don't go overboard or obstruct the view of you mixing.
• A word of advice – try to impress in the first few seconds because first impressions last!


As a DJ, you'll be expected to know how to get a good sound. If you can't get the best out of basic equipment, what are you going to be like faced with a club sound system?

• Make sure you have decent audio. If possible, try to get an audio feed from the equipment going directly into the camera.
• Try to connect a microphone to your DJ mixer to introduce yourself.
• Keep the levels constant throughout the mix.
• The better sound you have, the more chances we will like your mix and actually be able to hear the subtler touches.


With your final video nailed, you'll need to set up a account of your own so you can upload the video.

This is dead simple and can be done instantly. Simply click on the following link and set yourself up as a musician:

Once you have signed up and logged in, upload your video file and make sure you enter the following Tag information exactly:

DJmag MicroMix

It is vital that you get this phrase exactly right as our website will be automatically scanning YouTube content for any video files with this Tag.

Get it wrong and you won't be entered.

We also want you to enter some basic info into the description. Give us the following details in this order:

• Your DJ Name, or YouTube user name.
• Location – City or Country will do.
• A list of all the tracks you've played.
• A list of your main DJ equipment.

* Please note that we do not encourage you to leave personal details on youTube or the web. Please just use your user name or DJ name and do not leave your exact address. Youtube have some tips on internet privace here: