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DJ Weekly Podcast

31: Coleco

First coming to our attention with Julio Bashmore’a superb double-header of ‘Around’ and ‘Batak Groove’, the Bristol-based Soul Motive celebrate the deeper side of bass music, knowing that a delicate melody can have as much power as the physical power of bass.

Put together by label artist Coleco, his podcast looks at current and forthcoming release for Soul Motive, plus sister label Two Floors Down, whose digital and cd releases will feature bands, live performers and singers with a dance music backbone, and SM White, their bootleg label for you to play spot the sample with…

DJ weekly Podcast 31: Coleco by djmag

1. Isola Dusk - Love Gone By (2 Floors Down)
2. Phaeleh & VVV - Reconcile (Soul Motive)
3. Hyetal - Gold Or Soul (Soul Motive)
4. Eleven Tigers - Stableface (Soul Motive)
5. Eleven Tigers - Stableface (Dark Sky Remix) (Soul Motive)
6. Thelem - Lucid Dream (Orientis)
7. Coleco - Martyr (Orientis)
8. Coleco - Hypnagogia (Soul Motive)
9. Geiom - Luna (Soul Motive)
10. Presk - Jump  (SM White)
11. Hyetal & Sines - Secrets (SM White)
12. Isola Dusk - Waiting For You (2 Floors Down)
13. Coleco & Victoria Klewin - Train Ticket (Soul Motive)
14. Sharmaji - How To Move (Davey Jones)
15. Coleco - Automatic (Soul Motive)