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DJ Weekly Podcast

35: Warboy

Having run London clubs Caligula, labelled by MTV as ‘London’s answer to Studio 54’, nu-rave warehouse event All You Can Eat, celebrated as ‘this decade’s Taboo’ by I-D, and Matthew Glamorre’s avant-garde dress-up night Kash Point, promoter, DJ and producer Jim Warboy knows how to throw a party.

With current venture SOS likened to the early New York house scene crossed with Berlin’s sleazy underground his single ‘I Am’, featuring iconic Vogue cover star Andre J, is available on Batty Bass Records (with remixes out soon) while his podcast unveils the tribally, acid-tinged sound he calls ‘catwalk house’.

DJ weekly Podcast 35: Warboy by djmag

1. ‘I Am (Catwalk House Mix)’ - Andre J
2. ‘NY Express’ - Hardhead
3. ‘Lickshot (DB Vocal Mix)’ - Nisheois
4. ‘Nitro (Blacktron Remix)’ - DJ Fist
5. ‘Ipanema (Mijail & Blas Marin Remix)’ - Electrohead
6. ‘Astice (Kasumi Mix)’ - Franky B (aka Cryptic Monkey)
7. ‘Timbaleando (Fran Lk Mix)’ - Juammy.R
8. ‘Grande Via’ - BadRedIn
9. ‘Again & Again’ - Peyya
10. ‘Nightfall’ - Kilian Martinez
11. ‘House Nation’ - Housemaster Boyz
12. ‘La Tromba’ - DJ Care
13. ‘In The Box’ - Olliver Mach
14. ‘Little Children's Tunes (DJ Smilk Remix)’ - Toni G
15. ‘Sappho (Sven Hartmuller Remix)’ - Bjorn Soderbom
16. ‘Night Train’ - Kadoc
17. ‘That's Messing Me Up’ - Little Fritter
18. ‘I Have A Dream’ - Martin Luther King