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This year's Tech awards voting is open now!

The DJ Mag Tech Awards have been running for nearly 20 years, and in that time there's been a lot of changes in the technology arena. From a starting point of record decks, mixers, headphones and analogue hardware, the digital age has brought a plethora of new equipment and companies to produce the new gear.

At DJ Mag, we've reflected these changes month by month in the Tech section of the magazine, and the Tech Awards has rewarded innovation since 1996. Throughout those years we have seen a wealth of innovations from not only the major players but the small independent manufacturers as well, helping to shape and define the way DJs, Producers, musicians and artists deliver their musical endeavours.

DJ Mag’s Tech awards are a way to celebrate and promote the kit and equipment that makes this all possible. Celebrating the ingenuity of the guys and girls who put this all together, the unsung heroes that make the jobs of the DJs and Producers far easier than ever before ensuring that the creative process isn’t bogged down in undue technical meanderings that stifle inspiration, but to allow the free flowing thinking and interaction between ‘man and machine’.

This year we have mixed things up, yet again, with a revamp and the introduction of new categories to the proceedings that reflect a more accurate representation of the kit now on offer and how it is used. We are continuously improving the way that the Tech Awards is delivered and this is a direct reflection as to how the technology is moving, changing and adapting to the new and exciting ways of DJing, Producing and Performing.

As per previous years the power is in your hands, yes you the public will once again be the ultimate judges bearing the hammer that will come down to crown the winners of this hotly contested and debated contest. Check in on our Facebook page to cast your votes. Voting will close at the end of September and the results will be announced in November’s edition of the magazine.

Click on the catergories below to vote.

Innovative New DJ Product

Ultimate Club Deck (Media Players-CDJs and turntables)

Ultimate Club Mixer

Ultimate DJ Controller

DJ Controller under £600

DJ Mixer under £600

DJ Software

Studio Controller

Best New Studio Synth

Best Audio Interface

Best Studio Monitors

DJ App

Best Music Production APP

Best DAW