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Digital DJ License

Digital DJ License

Confused about the new Digital DJ license? Then download this handy PDF booklet that explains all the legal issues about playing MP3s in public.

Last year the MCPS launched their controversial new digital DJ license that legally entitled DJs to play MP3s in public.

It is the most ridiculous thing ever

Chris Liebing, November 2005

Now, due to widespread confusion, MCPS has launched a downloadable information book explaining all the legal issues about the license.

The collection society, that represents all the UK music publishers, is also asking DJs to contact them with their grievances about the new license
via email.

They want to listen it seems; although it remains to be seen if they adapt their Digital DJ License to allow DJs to play MP3s off CDRs.

Currently, the license, which costs over £200 per year, only allows DJs to play MP3s off a laptop.

Click here to download the information book.

Email MCPS with your license complaints at: