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Detroit Dollop

Detroit Dollop

Kevin Saunderson to elevate Dollop

We are not going to patronize you by rehashing the history of Kevin Saunderson. I know who he is, you know who he is, and quite frankly if you don’t then you should really take a long hard look at yourself. In fact, stop reading now, go listen to ‘Just Want Another Chance’ below and come back once you’ve been schooled...

Those of you who are up on your techno history will no doubt be nut-gushingly excited to discover The Elevator will be flying into the capital at the behest of former Nottingham party-starters Dollop. It’s the second in their Detroit Series, in which they’re bringing each member of the Belleville Three across on a fortnightly basis. The parties ‘originated’ (arf arf) with Juan Atkins two weeks ago, and Derrick May completes the set on 27th July.

As though a night with one of the most important figures in electronic music wasn’t enough, the Dollop chaps have enlisted the services of D&B-don-turned-techno-badman Boddika, who’ll be bringing his brand of panel-beating electronic craziness to bear in room-smashing style. Still not enough for you? Well, on a similarly frantic tip the much-hyped (and for good reason) Factory Floor bring a live show stuffed full of dancing magic. So there.

What’s that I hear you cry? You live in Aberdeen and are recovering from hip surgery, so can’t leave the house? Don’t sweat it. The Boiler Room crew will be bringing their cameras down to broadcast the whole thing worldwide, so just fire up the laptop, turn the lights down low and enjoy a nice mug of Horlicks while shaking your shoulders like you just don’t care.

The whole shebang kicks off at 10pm tonight and goes through till the wee hours, so a disco nap is advised. If you’re sensible you’ll pick up a ticket for £12+bf although fans of queuing in the rain and paying more are also catered for.

WHEN? Tonight! (Friday 13th July)

WHERE? Netil House, Hackney

LINE-UP? Kevin Saunderson, Boddika, Factory Floor, Bradley Zero, Flora Yin-Wong, Dollop DJs


TIMES? 10pm-6am