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Dave Seaman Interview

Dave Seaman Interview

We catch up with the hard giggin' DJ

Clocking up more air miles than the average albatross, and with more mix albums to his name than many of us have had hot dinners, dance music is in Dave Seaman's blood. His Audio Therapy label is responsible for some of the freshest underground house around, and now Seaman has dropped his latest mix for Renaissance 'Dave Seaman – The Masters Series Volume Ten', out now, an excursion over two CDs into the deepest chasms of house and techno, including tracks and remixes from Robert Babicz, Solomun, Apparat, Sasha and Mark Knight. We snagged him to find out more…

Your latest Masters Series mix is quite techno-heavy. Has this become more of a passion recently?

"It's not something I'm particularly conscious of. I just play whatever feels right at any given time and as there has been a lot more techno-influenced stuff around recently I suppose I've been drawn in that direction a bit. Over the two mixes though, I actually don't think there's that much techno on there."

You've described the Masters Series "as a lasting snapshot of the very best the scene has to offer at that time". How do you think the house/techno scene has changed recently, since your last mix?

"Simplicity is very much in vogue. Things have really gone back to basics which is probably the effect 'minimal' has had on everyone. There's lots of very big sounding tracks that have actually got very little in them but have been lovingly crafted to achieve maximum energy on the dancefloor. Ali Dubfire and Eric Prydz are both masters of the art."

You've mixed a prodigious quantity of compilations. Is this a big passion, almost an addiction?

"Well I've been lucky enough to work with two of the best companies for quality mix compilations in Renaissance and Global Underground and if they keep asking I'm gonna keep taking up the challenge. But yes, I do love the artform. Plus, I think it's a very important part of being a DJ to regularly document where you're at musically. People are very quick to put you in a box and pigeonhole and unless they see you play live that will continue to be their opinion of you. With mix comps, it's a good way to keep on challenging those pre-conceptions and at the same time, keep challenging yourself as they are always a labour of love!"

Any particular favourite producers at the moment?

"Apart from the aforementioned Prydz and Dubfire who are most definitely ruling the school at the moment, Oliver Huntemann and Stephan Bodzin are both on the money as is Popof, Guy J, Solomun, Apparat, Radioslave, Paolo Mojo, Jamie Stevens. I could go on and on."

What have you got coming up production-wise yourself?

"I've just finished my own new single which is called 'Gobbledygook' and will be promoed in time for the WMC in Miami and out on Audio Therapy around May time. It took a while to put together because I tried to go back to the old idea of a DJ record being sample-based so there was a lot of groundwork involved sourcing the samples. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out though and the title will make sense when you hear it. Or not as the case may be!"

How about your Audio Therapy label – what's new with that?

"We had a bit of a sticky patch at the end of last year as many independent dance labels did when our distributor Amato went bust. We'd just put quite a bit of investment into 'Therapy Sessions Volume 4' a few weeks before it happened so we had to take quite a hit. But the outcome has been very positive, it made us re-evaluate our situation and forced us to make some changes that I think are all very positive. And as for new material, we've been inundated, so we have loads of great releases in the pipeline."

Any exciting gigs coming up?

"I'm just on my way to Australia where I'm playing with, amongst others, Layo & Bushwacka and Nic Fanciulli so I'm really looking forward to that. Then I've got a party in Miami with Nick Warren and then it's Greece, Hungary, Jakarta, Delhi, Dubai, Bristol, Romania, Mexico and the States in April. So I'm getting about a bit. I'm really excited that the festival season will soon be here, too. I'm doing Glastonbury properly this year rather than in a VIP tent plus Wild in the Country, Coloursfest, and Dance Valley in Holland are all confirmed already."

What's next for Dave Seaman?

"As for the immediate future, I'm going to listen to the Goldfrapp album again. It's amazing!"